I am so excited to share the final photos from my portrait session with Movode!

I talked about the first part of my Movode experience here before my "reveal".

After my shoot with Mahmoud and Christina, they scheduled a time for me to return about
two weeks later to reveal the final product.
I had an awesome shoot with Mahmoud, so the wait felt like forever but I was really excited to 
see which outfits and poses would make the final cut.

When I went in for the reveal day, I was greeted by Mahmoud and Christina 
and we caught up since our last meeting.
I was anxious to see the photos so after a few minutes of talking Mahmoud and Christina walked me over to the reveal wall where they had my final 10 images covered with white paper waiting for my approval.
They had me cover my eyes and then open them on the count of three.




I honestly was blown away by the final images.
Everything turned out better than I imagined that it was hard to decide what pieces/pieces to take home.

Once I saw all the final images, it was time to sit down and decide what I wanted to take home.
That was the hardest part!
I am currently in a house with terrible wood paneling walls so it was a little hard to envision a photo hanging or how it would fit with my other artwork.

I sat there going back and forth on images and possible purchasing something to hang but I literally could not decide.

Movode offers a great folio option with six or all ten images.
The folio is a sealed box with a solid magnetic closing and a perfect coffee table alternative where 
you can store all of your 8x10 pictures. 
Once I move I know I am going to purchase a frame so I can swap out the different photos to display.
Because everything is printed on such high quality paper and coloring, cotton gloves are included to ensure you can handle the images without damaging them with fingerprints.
The other awesome thing about the folio?
Since all the images are initially printed in the 8x10 size, you get to walk away with it that day.

INTERESTED in your own Movode experience?
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In all it was such a great experience.
Mahmoud and Christina are such professionals and (obviously) the work is amazing.
When I had spoke to them the first time they both described this as a life changing experience and it really was.
I have felt more confident in my everyday life and really have started to wear little to makeup during the work week.

I am so excited to have these photos to look back on and remember this amazing experience.