dress: urban outfitters (under $40!) | heels: joie | bag: cuyana

All I can say about this past weekend is : heat.wave.
Tabitha and I met at the Blogger Scene event and decided we wanted to meet up and snap some pictures for each other.
We both have pretty hectic schedules leading into Labor Day, this past Saturday was the best time for the both of us.

Since hearing about the upcoming insanely high temperatures we opted for a very early call time, 7am.
Luckily, we did pick such an early time to meet in Georgetown because within an hour street parking filled up and the heat was beginning to be unbearable.
I think by 9 am is was over 90 degrees and the heat index was out of this world.
This little black dress from Urban Outfitters is probably the coolest thing I could have worn in 
that kind of heat and it still was unbearably hot.

After sweating my butt off snapping pictures, I headed home to a close friends house who I hadn't seen since 
my birthday last November and we spent the whole afternoon in the pool sipping on La Croix and wine.
About this dress:
I LOVE wrap dresses but normally that don't fit me all that well - I'm bustier but have a smaller rib cage so 
wrap dress are normally a little too revealing on me.
I had tried this dress on in a cute purple print earlier in the summer but couldn't 
bring myself to spend $60 on it then.
Once Urban Outfitters started marking down their summer items I kept stopping by my local 
store for the dress to pop up until I found the black one.
It is a faux wrap dress but still gives off that look that I love and even though it has a plunging neckline, 
it is secured in place with the side zipper and the tieback detail.
dress: urban outfitters (under $40!) | heels: joie | bag: cuyana

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