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on top.

Since being back on social media and trying to get back into blogging consistently, I have been trying to get into a new rhythm.  It has been a balancing act of finding a regular workout schedule, ensuring I make time to write down my thoughts for this blog, making sure I have time for social/blog events, and then there is my Bocce ball league on Thursday (no I am not kidding).  

When I lived in Virginia and had my old job, my main complaint was that I never had enough time for anything. I was working two jobs, had long hours, commuting two hours a day, and made working-out a big priority.  With that schedule, socializing was very planned and sleeping 5 to 6 hours a night was amazing.  My commute has been insanely slashed, my job has flexible hours, and I live near a metro so getting to any type of after work endeavor (happy hour anyone?!) has been made easy.  Finding time to fit everything I used to cram into my limited schedule should be easy right?!   But finding that new balance has been difficult.  I have more time but I have yet to keep on top of everything and figure out my new stride.
topshoshanna | denimmother "looker" skinny 

While I have been figuring things out, my normal outfit has been consisting of "jeans-and-something-else" and I have become a little bored with it.  When I saw this top from Shoshanna I knew I needed it.  The silhouette reminded me of a top I have that I wore consistently all last summer.  The cut is super flattering, it being sleeveless makes it easy for warm weather but it would also look cute with a jacket because of the pseudo-bow detailing.  Right now it is a fun change of pace from my normal t-shirt.

shop similar pieces below:

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a little south.

Over Easter weekend, I found myself in Greensboro, South Carolina visiting my sister and her husband.  She's lived there since she got married over three years ago but I have only been able to visit less than 5 times and have not had the opportunity to explore the town.
This time was different. The day before Easter Sunday happened to be my sisters birthday and my mom also came down to surprise her.  
topj.crew | vest: kit & ace (last worn here)  | denimcurrent elliott "stiletto" 

That Saturday, the weather was beautiful so we decided to get out of the house and head to brunch in downtown Greensboro.  
After we ate at a cute brewery, we walked around and explored the town.  
Greensboro is such a historical place.  It was the center of the non-violent protests in 1960's and where those protests took place is now the International Civil Rights Museum.  It was cool to such a cool and surreal moment to see where such change in our culture came about because people knew change needed to be made.
top: j.crew | vest: kit & ace (last worn here)  | denim: current elliott "stiletto" 

While walking down the main strip, we ventured into cute little vintage shops and a cafĂ©.  
There were so many amazing local products that it really took self-control in to not buy everything and I've already planned a shopping list for my next visit.
topj.crew | vest: kit & ace (last worn here)  | denimcurrent elliott "stiletto" 

This outfit is what I ended up wearing to lunch and around town.  This vest is a favorite in my closet that I re-discover every season every once and awhile that is really versatile.  
Then, these boots. <insert googly eye emoji>
They really are the biggest splurge I've made.  I will say I found them on sale for a crazy deal and I had to snag them.  During the colder months, if I ever found myself going out for the evening, I reached for these every time.  The thicker heel makes it so easy to walk in and I feel the fact the suede hits below the bend of the knee, the shape will hold longer than some similar styles.  If you are looking to snag a pair of over the knee black suede boots, I am selling my old pair here.

shop similar styles here:

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the simple slip dress.

As I mentioned in my post from Monday, for a brief period in December between my old and new apartment, I accidentally ended up "homeless" and stayed on a friends couch for a out of a suitcase...and everything I owned in a storage unit.  Because of that situation, I literally had a select few items I would rotate on a weekly basis in 8-degree weather. Options and desire to dress cute were slim.  
slip dress: eileen fischer | sandals: madewell | sunnies: rayban 
jacket: zara 

slip dresseileen fischer | sandalsmadewell | sunniesrayban 
jacket: zara 

From that scenario, I have found myself wanting to purge items that have not seen enough love and leaning more towards classic items I can layer with.  
(SIDE BAR: you can shop my actual closet here: ) Enter this perfect slip dress.
I stumbled across it at Nordstrom Rack when they had an extra discount on any clearance items.  
slip dresseileen fischer | sandalsmadewell | sunniesrayban 
jacket: zara 

It's lined so I don't have to worry about it being see-through in the summer sun.  In addition to that, the fabric is heavier and the way it is cut, I find this slip dress more form fitting than others I've tried.  The lower hem in the back works well so I don't have to worry about showing too much backside.  
All of the reasons above, are all points you should keep in mind if you find yourself searching for a slip dress for the Spring/Summer.

Though the weather has still been chilly here in DC, I am prepared to wear this little dress on repeat during all of our nicer weather.

shop similar slip dresses:

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Hello There.

How time flies.
I've shocked myself with how long it has been since I have shared anything with anyone on here or on any other social media platform.

After all these years, I still struggle with how much to share about myself.
I've always said I will never be the best blogger because I am more of a private person and know to be at the top of this game you need to share it all.

I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to do so.
When I go through difficult periods in my life, which I totally correspond with my absences from my blog/social media platforms, I tend to stay away from all ways to superficially share my life.
target pillows: here & here  | artwork: society6 .:. my photo .:. society6 .:. market |
couch: all modern

I try to be as authentic as possible so when I feel moved by our political climate, experience loss, going through some type of significant life events, it feels unauthentic to share with you on where to buy a pair of shoes or convince you to go to this amazing brunch spot.

I understand reading blogs and getting inspiration is a way so many of us get away from all the hard things we face on a daily basis, I just have not found the need or want to share when I'm in those places personally.

Being unconnected from the often superficial world of blogging and social media is always healing for me.  This time around so much has been happened, good and bad.  I haven't checked my Facebook or Instagram in over 3 months and to me, that is freeing.  
I love blogging.
I love sharing my experiences.
I love finding inspiration in so many places and meeting amazing people through this medium.
But sometimes, you need a mental health break and mine was healing.
With that, I am back and ready go.
While I share some backlogged travel items and outfits here is a slight highlight reel of what I've been up to these last three months:

After being with my previous company for over 4 years, I stumbled into a great opportunity I couldn't pass up.  I'm loving it so far but I probably won't share too much more.

I am officially a DC blogger.  This came after I was "homeless" for about a month due to a last minute situation that arose.  Thankfully, I had a great friend swoop in who let me crash and helped me find a great place.  With that, I finally made the district home in a cute one-bedroom at the beginning of the year that's in a great location and close to my new job.

Did I just get dining room chairs? Yes.
Is my old rug that is way too big for my space still rolled up in the corner of my apartment? Yes.
Are the walls in my bedroom still bare? Yes.
Despite all these things, I'm slowly making this apartment a home and can't wait to share how things come together.

Thanks for sticking around through my hiatus and I can't wait to share all updates with you soon.

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Holiday Mash-Up.

So many holiday parties and so little time!

There has been a lot going on behind the scenes over here but hopefully, life and it's crazy curve balls will settle down once January 1 hits so I can share all the new and exciting things happening.
Meanwhile, I wanted to share some quick outfit snapshots captured with my iPhone for you to check out.  If you have questions ask away!

This dress is one I keep in my closet in case of a cocktail-attire emergency.  I wore this dress to this wedding, it works in a pinch and it makes me feel glam. The slit in the skirt and the sheer paneling in the bodice is just enough of sex appeal to make the dress different and interesting.
Shop my favorite Finders Keepers pieces below:

jumpsuit - greylin via rent the runway | heels the mode collective
After scouring my local mall which is one of the largest on the East Coast for my work holiday party, I sadly walked away empty-handed.  When I got home, I instantly jumped on my go-to site, Rent The Runway.  Not wanting to break the bank, I kept my budget under $50 and looked at all my options that could arrive within the week in time for my party.  This fun jumpsuit immediately caught my eye.
I mean, it's amazing.  It fit like a glove and the culotte length worked well with my height (5'4").
Other amazing jumpsuits on Rent The Runway:

blazer - asos | leggings - spanx | heels - the mode collective
I'm currently in a very long process of moving and do not have any of my closets with my minus 5 items.  Luckily, my friend let me borrow her amazing military-style blazer that fit in such a cool way.  It is actually a TALL that's why it fits below my hips but works so well for this look that looks more put together than I felt.  The leggings are my favorite Spanx brand. Under $100 with fun sheen.  They are so comfortable and high waisted and don't stretch out.  You need them. Trust me.
Shop similar pieces:

crop top & skirt - elizabeth & james via rent the runway | heels - the mode collective
This is the outfit I wore for my 30th birthday celebration.  The original dress I was eyeing ended up being rented on my date, so I decided a fun crop top from one of my favorite brands was the perfect outfit.  It's a matching set and was really comfortable despite the cutouts that may appear like they would cut into your skin.
My favorite Elizabeth & James pieces on Rent the Runway:

GUYS!If you don't have Rent The Runway I swear by it (seriously just search it on my blog to see how many times I've shared my experiences...)  Sign up --> HERE <--- & get $30 off your first rental and tell me your thoughts!!