Hello strangers :)
Man oh man has it been awhile.  While I've been quite absent from this little space where I have been semi-consistently updating my Instagram.  
A lot has happened since my last post.
I saw many of my best friends get married.
I gained a new family member - a niece!
I got to see new places in the US like San Francisco and Arizona.
I turned 31.
I hit the 1-year mark at my job (today actually!)
and next week, I will have lived in DC for 1 year.

So crazy how time flies!
Over the past 2 weeks, I have luckily had the opportunity to spend the holidays with friends and family that have actually still kept me away from home.  I am actually hopping on a plane today from North Carolina where I have been visiting my sister (a post here about my last visit to Greensboro).

I have been working remotely, taking a lot of pictures of the new addition to the family, taking a break from wearing makeup and binge-watching Skin Wars on Netflix.  Which, if you haven't watched, it is very cool.  PLUS it has RuPaul. 

Since starting my job last year I have just become more and more casual in how I dress.  I scored these overalls during the epic Madewell sale that is STILL going on (EXTRA 40% off ALL sale). They have the perfect amount of stretch to accommodate all of the holiday weight I've gained but don't stretch out.
Along with the casual wear I have been leaning towards fun graphic tees as well.  This one, I spotted via Instagram but had been familiar with the brand. Kid Dangerous makes men's and boy's shirts but when I saw this slogan, I knew I needed it. I decided to size up to a Medium to ensure sure that it was oversized and would look cute tucked into things.