A few Sunday's ago I did something a little out of my comfort zone - take pictures.
While that sounds like a very normal day in the life of a blogger, this time it was a little different.
I drove out to Alexandria to meet with Mahmoud & Christina, the minds behind Movode, to have them photograph me...without make up.
This concept is very foreign to me, and I'm sure so many of you as well.
Why on earth would I want to have any evidence of my imperfect complexion or 
my un-pronounced cheek bones?!  
It's a scary thought to have your imperfections and insecurities captured with the 
end result to display to the world.  
Like I said, it's a crazy thought but I knew it would be an amazing experience...
and I was right.

When I first arrived, Mahmoud and Christina greeted me and we sat and spoke 
about the concept and purpose of Movode.
Mahmoud, a photographer for as long as he could remember, 
found himself being turned away from trying to take portraits of his friends 
by them saying "Don't take a picture of me. I'm not wearing any makeup." 
This is where the #BeautifulAsYouAre initiative and the main focus of Movode came from.  
At Movode they believe that every woman, and person, is beautiful with or makeup free and that you should feel confident in yourself to capture that feeling at any moment.

Be bold. Be confidence. Be your true self.

Stay tuned to see how my photo shoot turned out :)