As I mentioned here, Groupon is a great way to discover new brunch spots on a budget.
A few weeks back, I stumbled upon a great deal on Groupon for excellent brunch experience.
For $45, 2 people can enjoy a 3 course meal and bottomless mimosas or bloody marys.
What a deal right??
Kellari Taverna is right downtown on K Street and is known to serve some great Greek seafood.
Upon arriving, we received a prix-fixe menu with surprisingly quite a few options.
My friend and I decided to go outside our comfort zones and try some dishes we’ve never had before - I was very glad we did.

First let me start by saying : they serve THE best bread.
If for nothing else go for the bread. You will thank me.

Course 1:
kellari salad

A simple classic Greek salad with a feta dressing. Effortless, yet good.
The portion was large.

grilled calamari

I'm a big calamari fan but had only ever eaten it deep fried.
Even though it had great flavor, I think I just personally prefer the fried kind.

Course 2:
fish of the day
salmon benedict

I love eggs benedict but I have actually never had salmon benedict before.
If at a restaurant seafood is not typically my first choice but I decided to go with what the restaurant is known for.
I really liked it! I only have the standard benedict version to compare it to but I will definitely be eating this again.

yogurt cake

I don’t know what I was expecting when we ordered this but it was very very good.
I would say it has a slightly better texture than flan.


This was my first time trying baklava and it was to die for!
I have always heard about this traditional dish but have never tried it.