With summer so close we can taste it, many of us are thinking about going on getaways! The options are unlimited when it comes to planning and embarking on a summer getaway. Some people choose to soak up the sun in a tropical destination, whereas others might want to see new cities and explore historical sites around the world. No matter where what your summer itinerary holds this year, it’s important that you pack accordingly.

Packing is the second worst part about taking a vacation, with unpacking obviously coming in first. It can be difficult to try to plan all your outfits for an extended period of time and then try to fit them all into a limited space otherwise known as a suitcase. Especially for fashionistas who like to have their options, it’s especially hard to make these decisions.

Luckily, there is one general rule of thumb for packing that can help you immensely:

Bring versatile pieces.

When you pack clothes that aren’t pigeonholed into only being useful for one outfit, you open up to possibilities for all kinds of stylish combinations without having to pay extra for your overweight suitcase.

What are some versatile things to bring on your summer vacation, you might ask? Here are some pointers…

Your favorite pair of shorts. Granted you’re not going to the Arctic Tundra or Australia, chances are pretty good that you’ll be wearing shorts. Like Lauren Conrad, whose cut-off denim shorts are favorites, most of us have our key go-to pair that fits perfectly and can go with just about anything. Usually, they are denim or a neutral color like white. Either way, definitely bring these.

A fun pair of heels. If you have a couple activities on the agenda that will warrant some dressier outfits, take a note from Lyst's shoes edit and bring a pair of statement high heels. If you stick to packing easily transitional items, you should have no problem putting together a chic nighttime outfit that’s basic enough to go with any funky pair of shoes. If you’re worried about things not matching, bring some nude pumps.

A pashmina scarf. Taking a page out of Ivanka Trump’s travel diary on Forbes, she says she takes a pashmina scarf everywhere she goes: “It can dress up even the most casual attire and offer some warmth on a colder evening and on planes. Plus, it’s easy to pack, won’t wrinkle and I make sure to pick a neutral color for versatility.”

In case you haven’t noticed, one of the most important factors of packing versatile outfits for your summer trip is to keep the color scheme generally neutral. A few pops of color here and there can be added with the use of jewelry, which takes up a lot less space than five pairs of shoes. With a neutral color palette, virtually everything you bring can be mixed and matched with one another to create infinite outfits, and you won’t feel like you forgot to “cover” a day or an activity.

The best part of all about not over-packing? Not having to unpack an over-packed suitcase when you come home from your fabulous summer getaway.