Sorry for the silence again! 
Every electronic I’ve touched in the last month has basically gone to kaput.
After a long process of getting things back up and running, I am finally able to share my amazing trip to Thailand with you all!
dress: ann taylor (last worn here) | shoes: coach (on sale!)
Our first 48 hours in this great country were spent in Bangkok.
To be completely honest, Bangkok was my least favorite city we visited.  
It was dirty, crowded, and just not my vibe.
However, just because I didn't like the city as a whole doesn’t mean that there weren't amazing things to do or places to see.  
Because we only had such a short amount of time to explore, we decided to focus on seeing The Grand Palace and Wat Pho.

After landing around midnight and getting a few hours of sleep under our belts, we headed out to discover this new city.
We first visited The Grand Palace.
I could try to describe it to you but it would do no good. 
The detailing on the buildings were so intricate and beautiful I feel that my photos and videos do them no justice.  
This place is really a must-see if you make it to the country.
I honestly don’t think I’ve seen anything as gorgeous in my life.  
The humidity was very real so it made the bright sunny day a little hard to handle since water wasn’t easily accessible.
You are denied entry into The Grand Palace and any temple if you are not properly covered.  
Make sure your knees are covered as well as your shoulders, and that includes men!  
Forgot to pack something?  There are vendors right outside the Palace to purchase something appropriate however you won't be able to bargain them down!
We spent about two hours just taking it all in then we walked about ten minutes to Wat Pho.
The leaning Buddha was massive and I can’t imagine what the larger ones look like.
The second day the jet lag started to kick in and we all slept in and spent a lazy day at the pool.  
None of us had seen hot humid days since Summer 2016, so we were all a little eager for some sun and relaxation.

Here are a few photos from Bangkok and my recap video. Next week: Chiang Mai and lots of elephants :)