With my trip to Thailand exactly two weeks away, I am busy planning and packing to make sure that I'm adequately ready to embark on this new adventure.

Ever since I've stepped up my skin game, I chatted a little bit about that here, I'm really focused on maintaining healthy skin over the course of my long, grueling 14 hour flights.

Without carrying too much in my purse/carry-on, I came up with four (4) products that will help ensure my skin stays healthy, hydrated, and happy.

Facial Mist
hydrate hydrate hydrate (the moral of this post).  
This mist from Mario Badescu has anti-inflammatory and redness reduction properties (aloe and rosewater).
I have read many positive reviews for both this version, as well as the Aloe, Cucumber and Green Tea version.
This mist is a perfect concoction to soothe any wacky travel skin and it can be used as a primer (no makeup) or setting spray (on top of makeup).
It’s also extremely versatile and has great properties that will undoubtedly benefit my skin over the course of the trip.
Did I mention that this travel size is only $5!

Having an easy to use cleanser on a long haul flight is critical.
Cleansing your skin to get rid of all the stale air impurities and build-up is a must to ensure that when you step off the plane a breakout won’t be waiting for you.
This all in one cleanser gets the job done.
The light exfoliating properties really wash away the dead skin to make sure that you will be refreshed when you arrive at your destination.

This version of Clarins moisturizer may be my favorite in terms of smell (delicate floral).
This is a no brainer that after cleansing your face you need to moisturize.
This classic moisturizer is light and fights fine lines all while giving your skin the hydration it needs..
It is airy and light so it doesn't feel like you have too much product on your face.

Hand Cream
The main focus shouldn't just be on your face!
Dry hands can be the worst whether you’re driving or flying.
Ensuring that you have a great hand cream is important no matter where you are traveling.
My hands have become very prone to dry-ness recently so I opted for a cream that really moisturized and focused on nail and skin health.
This Clarins version is also on the thicker side and has a clean smell that isn't overwhelming for closed quarter travelling.

Thanks Clarins for these amazing travel products!