In the last few months I have been trying to up my beauty game from zero to one hundred.
Until my mid twenties, I never focused on the health of my skin.
I barely had any blemishes and because of that, I never had to worry about my skin tone.
So, this is a little round-up of products that I have been using to even up my skin tone.
best products to achieve an even skin tone | A.Viza Style
I would say I went through a spout of adult acne but compared to others I would say it was mild.
For the few years I had been battling my popup pimples, I just tried to cover everything with makeup.
That didn't work.
So, I started focusing on the real problem - my skin.
For the last year or so I have been trying to find products that work for my skin (normal skin) and cover-up/even my tone.
Maven Made Facial Serum skin perfecting serum |  | A.Viza Style
This is an all natural concoction that focuses on evening skin tone with anti-aging agents.
I swear by this stuff.
I use it in the morning and at night and really notice when I skip a day or two.
I love that it's locally made and I really love that it works.
I originally started with the .5oz but just upgraded to the 1oz bottle.
M-61-Vitablast-C-Serum-bluemercury-beauty |  | A.Viza Style
Another great skin correcting serum.
This also has firming agents that who doesn't need.
I typically use this product just at night either before or after my Maven Made product.
Nip + Fab Dragon's Blood Hyaluronic Shot | A.Viza Style
This winter my skin has been abnormally dry and this Nip+Fab Hyaluronic Shot really adds the extra hydration my skin has been lacking.
Even though it is extra hydrating and an extra layer in between all of these products, you still don't feel like it's a heavy extra layer.
Darphin Hydraskin Light | A.Viza Style
Finding a great moisturizer has always been unusually difficult for me.
I just find myself slightly picky in terms of creams I 100% like but this Darphin product is a favorite of mine at the moment.
It's hydrating without feeling oily and a thin layer goes along way.
Dr. Jart-Cicapair-color-correcting | A.Viza Style
This is amazing stuff.
The price may make you a little wary but a small dab of product on your finger goes a long way.
It really gives you a great even canvas to manually fix an complexion issues you may have.
Another plus, this is SPF 30 so if you want to just through this on to even your skin tone but not put on any foundation, you're covered. Literally.

What are YOUR favorite products to achieving a balanced complexion?

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