Getting back into any type of rhythm is always hard.
Coming back from a long vacation and getting back into your normal work routine is the example that sticks out in my head the most. Prior to the vacation, all you can think about is jetting off and soaking up the sun or exploring new cities.  
pants: c/o banana republic | sweater: c/o banana republic | heels: rebecca minkoff | bag: tory burch

Once you settle back down into your desk chair you are bombarded with emails and voicemails of things you miss, answering questions from curious coworkers about your travels that make you reminisce and long for the lands you had just explored.  

Overwhelmed. Sad. Nostalgic. Rebellious.  
These are all words that I would use to describe a hiatus of any kind which is where I have found myself recently with this blog.  
This space I’ve had for over 4 years and it is something that I love so much and cannot for see letting go of any time soon.  With that being said, life does happen sometimes that gets in the way and I am sorry I’ve let it affect this little place.  
Since my last post, lots of life has happened.  2016 (thankfully) has come and gone and I am ready for what the new year has in store.
This office outfit is perfect to “get back to work”.  My office is pretty relaxed and I normally opt for some type of pant top combo to throw on and run out the door.  This wool blend is so soft and the cropped hem I have taken a liking too.  I have been a little hesitant to jump on the super cropped trend since I’m a shorter 5’4” but I feel the fitted sweater makes it more flattering.  Have any of you adopted this work trend too?

pants: c/o banana republic | sweater: c/o banana republic | heels: rebecca minkoff | bag: tory burch