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white sundress.

dress: zara | heels: joie | bag: coach | lipstick: nyx

A few weeks ago, I was in the Outer Banks, North Carolina 
(mentioned here and here) for a coworkers Bachelorette party.
After a fully relaxing Saturday on the burning myself on the 
beach we headed to our celebratory dinner.
I snagged this dress during the Zara sale and had been dying to wear it so took 
advantage of the warm weather and my slightly tanned skin.
FUN FACT about this dress - it actually has shorts (and pockets!) underneath.

Simple dresses, especially white cotton sundress, with a wedge have really 
have been my obsession recently and I have been wearing this combo 
nonstop all summer including tonight!

I'm having a relaxing night in a park next to the Potomac on the Virginia side 
watching Top Gun with some friends.
This is the second week I've gone to this little screening and it's been so fun.
I've actually have never seen Top Gun so I'm excited to see what all the fuss is about.

I hope you guys have a great weekend and be sure to follow along for my little 
movie night and my weekend out in the country 

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Greenhouse Bistro Preview.

If you are native to Northern Virginia, you have probably run into the problem 
of the issue of where to go out to eat.
The further away from DC you get, the more cookie cutter your options become 
and it can be beyond frustrating.
When Whitney from Whitney Stringer PR reached out to me to try a new 
restaurant in Tyson's I got really excited. 
A restaurant that isn't a chain and offers something more than bar food that I can grab on my commute home - count me in.
Myself and some fellow bloggers got to experience the whole menu and get a better understanding of the menu, concept, and goal of the eatery.


It's located right off Chain Bridge Road - a light down from Rout 7 and less than a 
5 minute five from Tyson's Corner Mall.
They have a front patio that they are planning to transition into a covered eating space with heated floors for the chillier DC winters.
An open concept layout is very inviting with a semi-private eating space in the middle of the restaurant where you are able to host parties or meetings (where we ate).

A great point I loved hearing about through the presentation from the chef, 
was their effort to utilize locally sourced menu items.  
The love this idea so much so, a few walls of the restaurant show case indoor 
herb gardens that the kitchen utilizes.

One great aspect of Greenhouse Bistro, is the live entertainment.
While we were eating, live Flamenco dancers performed as well as a live guitarist.
We were told there is normally live entertainment throughout the week for diners to enjoy.

We were also informed (and noticed!) what a family friendly environment it is here.
In Northern Virginia it can be hard to find quality food and restaurant environments that adults and children can enjoy but the owners really emphasized that they want this to be a family restaurant where that quality food can be found.


They really offer a little bit of everything and they do it well.

Greenhouse Bistro is not officially a "farm-to-table" concept restaurant but they really strive to create an environment where anyone can come to get a healthy and delicious meal.
A way they do that is the indoor herb garden along some of the walls that I mentioned and pictured above. 
Another way is that the meats are locally farm sourced as well and you can really tell the difference.
One of my favorite dishes was the chicken.  
I am such a sauce person but the seasoning on this chicken was amazing and I am seriously dreaming about it as I type this - it was that good.

 the chicken was my favorite!


Attached to the restaurant but a separate concept, is the Greenhouse Tea Lounge.
After the dinner, we retired to the Tea Lounge for some Tea and dessert.

This section was dimly lit and had a very intimate feel.
The large gold pots that carried the hot water were beautiful and the tea cups were so innovative.
I was beyond stuffed from dinner but I had to try the Beignets - they were SO good.

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the trend.

How To Style an Off the Shoulder dress.| A.Viza Style | banana republic silk scarf - off the shoulder ruffle dress.  - joie lena wedges.
dress: c/o shein | scarfann taylor (last worn here)| bag: old navy (similar under $30) | 
heelsjoie | sunglasses: rayban

Summer is in full swing and so is my blogging events calendar.
This past week, I went to one of my favorite events, Blogger Scene.
This year it was hosted by Natalie of The Fashionably BrokeAlicia of Alicia Tenise, and 
Julien of It's Julien at the awesome Embassy Suites Hotel in DC.
How To Style an Off the Shoulder dress.| A.Viza Style | banana republic silk scarf - off the shoulder ruffle dress.  - joie lena wedges.
How To Style an Off the Shoulder dress.| A.Viza Style | banana republic silk scarf - off the shoulder ruffle dress.  - joie lena wedges.
I was even more excited about this year's event because my old college roommate, 
Tara from Lace & Grace, drove down from Frederick, MD.

The view was amazing - it was held on the deck of the rooftop pool. 
The company was awesome - I met so many new bloggers and can't 
wait to meet up with them again.
How To Style an Off the Shoulder dress.| A.Viza Style | banana republic silk scarf - off the shoulder ruffle dress.  - joie lena wedges.
The panel was so insightful - Sara from StyleMBA
Diego from DiegoDowntown
and Diana from Lust LocalGreen Heart Juice Shop spoke about 
different aspects of blogging, business, 
and their tricks to winning at all things social media.
How To Style an Off the Shoulder dress.| A.Viza Style | banana republic silk scarf - off the shoulder ruffle dress.  - joie lena wedges.
This dress was perfect for the occasion.
SheIn sent it to me and I could not be happier about it.
The fabric is great because it isn't cotton and doesn't wrinkle or fly up easily.
Also though the dress is a shift style dress it is still flattering and doesn't overwhelm my frame.
And if you have been following me on Instagram you know this dress is only $16.
Yep you heard that correctly. It is such a steal!

I love wearing the off the shoulder dress with a silk scarf or a choker to compliment 
the horizontal lines from the shoulders.

How To Style an Off the Shoulder dress.| A.Viza Style | banana republic silk scarf - off the shoulder ruffle dress.  - joie lena wedges.

so be sure to follow on snapchat @avizacard and Instagram @avizastyle

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EVENT: The Offline Society 1st Birthday Party

One of my favorite things about blogging is going to fun events and meeting other local creatives.
One company that is really different that you should all know about in DC is The Offline Society.

The Offline Society is a dating startup but is also a great way to meet other singles in the area or just network and meet new people.  
The great thing about The Offline Society is that you meet people off-line (get it?). 
No messaging is involved you just meet others in person with pre-organized events that you know other singles/members will be at.  
Taken? No problem.  The Offline Society events are not overtly "Hey! We are single here! Let's date!" type of gatherings so if you are taken and just want to check it out you won't feel out of place.

They celebrating their first birthday next week and YOU ARE INVITED!
A fun warehouse bash is happening on Tuesday with a DJ, open bar, photobooth, snacks, - they will have it all!  And who doesn't love a good mid-week event to break up the week?

It is all going down TUESDAY JULY 26th in Shaw (address below) from 7-9. Tickets are $30 (snag them here)

Will I see you there?

Wonderbox at
79 Hanover Place NW
Washington, DC 20001
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VitaFive Review.

VitaFive gummy vitamin pack review. | A.Viza Style | dc blogger.
VitaFive gummy vitamin pack review. | A.Viza Style | dc blogger.
A few weeks ago a company called VitaFive reached out to me to review their product.
VitaFive is a company that makes taking your vitamins easy and yummy.
Personally, I have never been the best about taking my daily vitamins.
I think it stems from growing up my parents were never super strict about taking daily vitamins so I never got into that routine.
Fast forward to adulthood and it is a habit I wish I had ingrained into me.
The process of figuring out which pills I should be taking and then opening a thousand bottles every morning is slightly exhausting.
I mean, how many pills do I take??
With that being said, I feel that as I get older I am all about the easiest most efficient way to live the healthiest life possible.

Enter VitaFive.
VitaFive gummy vitamin pack review. | A.Viza Style | dc blogger.
VitaFive is a company that creates personalized prepackaged vitamins delivered to your doorstep on a monthly basis starting as low as $14.99. 
Yup you read that correctly - a PERSONALIZED DELIVERED MONTHLY 
gummy vitamin pack delivered to you.
How easy is that?!

You can choose pre-designed packs depending on your needs 
(sleep, beauty, immune, heart, essential) or you have the ability to build your 
own pack(select up to 4 vitamins).
I went with the Beauty pack for my first round because I felt the vitamins 
I am trying to up my beauty game recently. 
Have kids? They also have you covered with kids packs :)
Just to add to the fun fact list : VitaFive gummies are all vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, kosher, and hala. seriously - everyone & anyone can eat these things.

VitaFive gummy vitamin pack review. | A.Viza Style | dc blogger.
So, for the last month I wake up every morning and grab a pack as I head out of my house as I head out the door for work.
I eat the yummy gummies on my way to work in my car and boom I'm done with my vitamin regimen for the day.
The only thing about the gummies is that sometimes I want to eat more than one pack since they taste so good.  Was that a humble brag complaint?
VitaFive gummy vitamin pack review. | A.Viza Style | dc blogger.
Well the lovely folks at VitaFive (seriously they are awesome & super helpful/knowledgeable) are hooking you all up with a great discount!
SIGN UP and get 30% off your first month with code "AVIZA30".
With the prices so affordable already it really is such a no brainer - why would you not try them out?

Are you going to try VitaFive? Let me know!
I seriously want to know your thoughts and I don't think you will be disappointed.