I have been blogging for a few years now (over 4 years!) 
but I don’t think I have documented any milestone that I have hit.
Because of that I wanted to celebrate hitting MY 300th BLOGPOST by 
sharing a little bit more about me.

So here are some "fun facts" about me which even my closest friends may not know…

I had orthognathic/maxillofacial jaw surgery when I was 20 which resulted 
in having my jaw being wired shut for 6 weeks.
I have 36 screws and 3 metal plates in my face 
(one of which you can feel from the outside of my jaw)
Before you ask:
No – the surgery didn’t hurt (I would say getting my wisdom 
teeth out was worse and I actually didn’t take any pain medicine)
Yes - I have impeccable ventriloquist skills.
No – My face doesn’t go off at the airport or any metal detector.

Yes – It was 100% worth it.
This is an actual picture of my jaw.  Kind of crazy...

When people hea my last name they always ask if I'm Italian, 
but I am actually half Cuban.
No I don’t speak Spanish but I understand a lot and am 
able to speak it if needed.
My dad was born right outside of Havana and immigrated here in the 1960's.
Thanks Dad for the cool last name, olive skin, and awesome hair - I owe ya.

I love 70's Game Show reruns with The Match Game being my favorite
For a few summers growing up, I exclusively watched the Game Show Network.

I would spend the summers at my dad’s house and he had a limited cable channel selection. 
So I oddly know/love Gene Rayburn.

I went to college for Fashion Merchandising.
I studied clothing construction, fabric, and sewing along with some 
business classes at Virginia Tech.
Sounds cool but was super tedious for example I had to learn all the 
properties of the different fabrics out there (a little overwhelming!)
My favorite class was all about sourcing products and the and overseas production.
It was a difficult class but I learned so much and really understand 
and try to support companies that value 
1. humane working conditions 
2. fair compensation for workers and 
3. quality garment construction (one reason why I’m obsessed with Everlane).

I am scared of any opening on a sidewalk or street.
So that means: sewers openings, manhole covers, street grates, etc.
Walking down a city street with me can be pretty entertaining because I subconsciously avoid all of these types of things so I am walking in a constant zigzag.
(original image)
Annoying now but at least I’ll never fall into the sewer pits with all the alligators :)

And just for fun... my favorite song is "Silver Lining" - Rilo Kiley

Hope you stick around for the next 300!