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on to the next one.

(me being awesome circa '92)

For a #flashbackfriday we are heading back to my 4th birthday, 22 years ago.  Today.
Yup, today is my 26th birthday and I can not believe how time flies.

Tonight, I am celebrating in DC with a birthday bash at a lounge where I will be sharing the  spotlight with my lovely boyfriend (his birthday is Monday!) and a friend who is a few days after that (lots of scorpio babes).  

I am super excited to celebrate finally getting kicked off my parents insurance plan with old and new friends while dancing the night away.  Make sure to follow along on Instagram (va darling) and maybe you'll find a pic of me waking up looking like a similar version of the 4 yr old birthday clown above or just to catch all the other birthday shenanigans.

Thanks 25 for being really awesome.  I am almost certain you were the most fun, amazing, and most of all HAPPY year I've had so far on this planet.  I am saying good-bye to my first quarter of a century with smiles and happy tears and looking at 26 with excitement and wonder on how things could get better. 
So let's end this with some wise words of Jay-Z

"I'm on to the next one!"

(unedited version!)
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(bow) tied up.

dress| jcrew top| jcrew(40% off sale!) bow tie| asos booties| dvf(last worn here)

I can't believe that I was actually able to wear this outfit last week, because the cold weather has hit and hit hard here in VA(high of 42 yesterday = brrrr).
I also can not tell you how long it took me to finally find and pull the trigger on a lady bowtie. When I found this one from ASOS I knew I had to scoop it up. It's a little quirky but I think it will be a versatile piece to throw some intrigue into any boring ol' outfit.
So let's see how many ways I can incorporate this baby into my everyday wear.
Get ready for bow-tie overload...

shop the look below:

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work ready.

blazer| j.crew skirt| loft top|j.crew necklace| baublebar heels|j.crew 

So one of the super exciting things that made my October really hectic, was that I got a new job.  I've been there for over 5 weeks now and I am really enjoying every moment of it.  
My new job requires business/business casual dress 4 days of the week, which has really made me step-up my office attire game.  Typically I would just run to the nearest H&M grab my normal size in a pencil skirt or 2 and be set, but since I am currently between sizes, I had to look elsewhere.  
I went on a hunt to find a cute work appropriate skirt that would fit me now but also when I get back in shape.
 Length is also a big factor for my 5'4" frame.  
Welcome Loft petite section.  This skirt is so cute and fun while still maintaining that professionalism needed in the work place.  I am about to buy one in every color.

Like what I'm wearing? Shop the look below:

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sweater| jcrew jeans| joes jeans flats| joie

USW = Ugly Sweater Weather
The older I have gotten the more I have been drawn to "uglier sweaters".  Maybe it's the change in temperature that makes my mind a little crazy for these these obscure patterns or maybe I just like ugly things (I like to think it's option 1!)  
All I have to say is, the uglier the sweater the happier I will be.
Happy USW :)

shop ugly sweaters below:

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 skirt| zara sweatshirt| h&m booties| madison harding

November has always been my favorite month.  Mostly because it is my birth month, but also it is when the weather really starts to change.  The air is crisper and you don't look silly wearing booties with absolutely everything. 
October was a crazy month of changes and new things, but November is really when all of those changes are really starting to feel real.  Time is flying by!  The weather gets crisper and the leaves start changing.  
November = New-vember. 
Everything has finally settled down on my end and I will be back to regular updates.

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