(me being awesome circa '92)

For a #flashbackfriday we are heading back to my 4th birthday, 22 years ago.  Today.
Yup, today is my 26th birthday and I can not believe how time flies.

Tonight, I am celebrating in DC with a birthday bash at a lounge where I will be sharing the  spotlight with my lovely boyfriend (his birthday is Monday!) and a friend who is a few days after that (lots of scorpio babes).  

I am super excited to celebrate finally getting kicked off my parents insurance plan with old and new friends while dancing the night away.  Make sure to follow along on Instagram (va darling) and maybe you'll find a pic of me waking up looking like a similar version of the 4 yr old birthday clown above or just to catch all the other birthday shenanigans.

Thanks 25 for being really awesome.  I am almost certain you were the most fun, amazing, and most of all HAPPY year I've had so far on this planet.  I am saying good-bye to my first quarter of a century with smiles and happy tears and looking at 26 with excitement and wonder on how things could get better. 
So let's end this with some wise words of Jay-Z

"I'm on to the next one!"

(unedited version!)