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This week I have been feeling pretty spacey/kooky/all over the place and I feel like this outfit kind of depicts that.  I’m not sure it works or if I care if it doesn’t.  Sometimes you just have to the creative plunge,  throw on whatever you think up in your head, and test your confidence.   

These are just clothes after all, so why not live on the edge and take a few ton of risks?!  That’s what makes it fun, right?
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crop top//american eagle dress worn as skirt//bcbgeneration belt//gap shoes//seychelles (cute cheap option here)

I suppose a ‘new trend’ is to wear dresses as either a top or a skirt.  And, I have to say, I am a total fan.  Finding the right combo of dress, top, or skirt is pretty tricky, but that is when you get to have your own little movie montage of trying on tons of crazy things until you find the perfect combination.  Pairing this BCBGeneration dress I had long forgot about with this American Eagle crop top and the right belt has given me a new outfit I didn’t even know I had! 

That’s the best, trying combos you haven’t before and coming out with an awesome outfit you had but just didn’t see before.  And, hey why we are at it, why not throw on a little blazer or jacket and stroll into the office?!  Sounds like a great and easy OOTD for a July Thursday to me :)

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weekend adventure : annapolis

top//old navy (similarjean jacket//abercrombie (super old but similarshorts//gap (sold out but very similarshoes//zigi soho bag//pour la victoire necklace//jewelmint sunglasses//karen walker (in tortoise)

This weekend was filled with a fun day trip to Annapolis, Maryland.  Annapolis is such a cute little town on the Chesapeake Bay that is full of history and ice cream shops.  We ate some crabs, walked around, ice-cream parlor hopped, and took pictures of pretty much everything in sight.  The weather was beautiful,  the food and sweets were delicious, and the company I had was pretty top notch.

Because of the unpredictable weather, I tried to dress for whatever might happen (there was a 40% chance of rain).  The cotton ikat shorts and tank were cool for the beaming sun and I knew the jean jacket would keep me warm enough while we were inside.  Knowing I was going to be the shortest in the group by some inches, I threw on some comfortable walking heels.  It was a simple easy outfit for wandering around the little town.



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subdued gingham.

top//j.crew factory (herejeans//rich&skinny (similarheels//sam edelman (over 50% off here)

The weather is perfect out.  Not too warm, not too cold, and definitely not humid (though my hair didn't get that memo).  I must take advantage of this by throwing on my favorite jeans, button down, and heels to head into work today.  While my office is super casual everyday of the week, I try to stick to the traditional Friday's to dress really down.  Typically I would throw a blazer over this, but it's summer and too warm for that.  

I always love a look that you throw on and feel like you could wear for days because you are so comfortable and confident in it, and that is totally how I feel in this.  Simple, yet perfect for anything that the day may throw at you.  Happy Friday!

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panama leo.

hat//gap (sale!!!) top & shorts//h&m booties//shoemint bracelets//h&m, bella lola boutique, fossil, urban outfitters, mexico

In the midst of all these crazy summer sales, I may have gotten carried away a little...well actually a lot carried away, but it's OK.   How can I turn down incredible deals?!  I can't. It's just not in me!  One of my greatest finds was this panama hat.  $8!!  I think that it is totally worth the 7 times I will most likely wear it.  But who knows, I may become a hat fanatic and wear it every day.  In that case, this would be the find of the summer.  Whichever it ends up being, I am totally fine with. 

This is outfit is something that is so simple and fun.  In an impromptu outing with negative 5 minutes to get ready, this is what I came with.  Chill, laidback, and comfortable is what I always try to aim for in casual settings in a hurry.  Since sticking to a boring dark grey and white combo I knew the leopard booties would add some fun to it.  
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summer 2012 bucket list.

It is already in the middle of summer and I find myself reexamining my summer bucket list.  Every year I come up with a bucket list of things I want to do and see to try and make my summer more exciting.  Typically I never really accomplish many things on the list because of previous jobs I have had, weekends weren't at my disposal.  This summer is different.  

1.  Visit an amusement park
2.  Tourist day in DC
3.  Float down the river
4.  Go kayaking
5.  Bon Fire!
6.  Make a s'more over the fire (at a bon fire?)
7.  Star-gaze
8.  Visit family
9.  See a beach
10.  Go to a baseball game (Orioles & Nationals)
11.  Movie marathon day

I've actually accomplished a few things on my list so far, and I feel that I can make all of these actually happen this year (though I need to kick my butt into gear)!  If you haven't made a summer bucket list you totally should!  Try and push yourself to try some new things or bring back old favorites you don't do often.  Do something! 

At the end of the summer I'll recap and show you all things I actually accomplished.  This great (hot) weather doesn't last often, so you need to take advantage of it.  What's on your summer bucket list?
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daisy b.

dress//anthropologie necklace//j.crew factory heels//zara(similarwatch//michael kors (similarsunglasses//karen walker

I scored this amazing drop waist dress at the Anthropologie sale a few weeks ago.  If you didn't know, but I hope you did, The Great Gatsby is coming to theater's in December and the 20's style is coming back.   Not only is Gatsby is one of my favorite books and the trailer really looks like it will do it justice, not to mention the wardrobe in it.  Oh siiiigh...

I have been hesitant since noticing the trend, but when I tried this dress on I was in love. The chunky pearl strands really helped me get the exaggerated 20's look I wanted. I can almost guarantee this new style will be a go-to staple in my closet, because when do I NOT want to feel like Daisy Buchanan??


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weekend adventure : kayking

With this crazy 100+ heat, my boyfriend and I decided that kayaking would be the best way to stay cool and be active this weekend.  Lucky for us, I live less than 3 miles from the Shenandoah River and my family has a few kayaks for when we get an active outdoorsy itch.  So, we threw the kayaks in the back of the truck and headed to the river.  

Though the thermometer said the temps were triple digits, on the water it felt perfect.  We tried to make it to past some small rapids but failed so settled for a little sandy island.  So, we parked the kayaks and just swam in the water for awhile.  It really was relaxing and fun and great to get out of the house and not letting the heat beat our plans.  Also the views were so picturesque.  

If you follow me on twitter or instagram you already (but you totally should; I am pretty entertaining...I think) know my puppy was run over :(  She has a broken leg, fractured foot, and a ton of stitches but is alive and well.  Minus the cone collar hindering her normal cuddling abilities, Roxy is still her sweet self.  So instead of playing with her out in the yard I am keeping her company on the couch while she slowly recovers.  

Other than this sad event, I had a great relaxing weekend finally getting to enjoy nature.  hope you had a great weekend :)
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touch of metal.

top//nordstrom rack (similarskirt//urban outfitters (similar concept here) heels//seychelles

I miss my boots.  I miss the perfect temperatures and ability to wear any type of clothing you want. Sigh…I will just have to accept the sweltering heat until those perfect days come again and deal with my extra warm toes when I decide to throw them on anyway. 

I snagged these on boots on sale in March from hello &39.95!) and just like most Seychelles shoes, they are perfect and comfortable.  They remind me of the combat boots that I wore for my entire 3rd grade year(what a wonderful phase).  Paired with skirts and dresses they really bring a slight militaristic look to the ensemble.  They also cover up all the mosquito bites I have around my ankles so that's a plus too. 

I wore this Urban skirt a few weeks ago here in a more girly look, but today I was feeling a bit more tough.  This top, with its metal shoulder detailing, really gives it an extra (rough?) edge to any outfit.  I love all the light girly colors and patterns of the season, but sometimes I just like my darker colors.  Happy weekend!
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a darling 4th.

teen vogue
dress//american apparel  shoes//zara (similar here)  bracelets//bella lola boutique, fornash(in store)

I can’t believe July 4th is already over!  I had a great day in DC with my boyfriend and some of his friends.  I watched them play some volleyball (I am the worst so I opted not to play but enjoyed watching the heated games), enjoyed dinner on a rooftop, met lots of new people, and of course watched the fireworks shot from the National Mall.  It was simple relaxing and fun.  Just what I needed for a mid-week break and a mid-summer celebration.

For my red, white, and blue I wore this simple white lace backless American Apparel dress that I have been waiting to wear for a few months now.  I am a sucker for an open back dress.  It was perfect because of the hot temperature and humidity it was a  loose enough and cool.  Blue was the belt and red were my lips.  Simple and easy was pretty much the overall theme of my outfit and day. 

Because I knew the temps were going to be around 100+humidity I knew I needed to wear my hair up so I did a simple French braid and tucked it into a bun, which you can see the picture below from some of the pictures I took.  Hope you had a great 4th!  I would love to see how you wore your red, white, and blue so share your links in the comments :)

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crop top//american eagle skirt//forever 21 shoes//sam edelman

Sorry for no post yesterday, but to say this past weekend was hectic may be an understatement.  Not having power for 3 days is a little inconvenient and I found myself doing as many things possible out.  From an amusement park all day Saturday to a live taping of a comedy show Saturday night, I was on-the-go.

Hi-lo skirts and dresses are my solution to not liking full maxi's on myself.  This skirt I stumbled upon a few months ago and was pretty hesitant about it at first.  Then, all my hesitations went away after a few steps.  The way this skirt flows behind me when I walk is so awesome.  Dress up or down, it is comfortable which is always a plus.  

With the chambray crop top, this is definitely an easy casual look that makes it a bit easier to beat the humidity.  Pairing a high-waisted skirt with a cropped top is a great way to add a bit of edge to the outfit with exposing only a little bit of skin instead of too much midriff.  Happy almost 4th!  Any exciting plans?