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I miss my boots.  I miss the perfect temperatures and ability to wear any type of clothing you want. Sigh…I will just have to accept the sweltering heat until those perfect days come again and deal with my extra warm toes when I decide to throw them on anyway. 

I snagged these on boots on sale in March from hello &39.95!) and just like most Seychelles shoes, they are perfect and comfortable.  They remind me of the combat boots that I wore for my entire 3rd grade year(what a wonderful phase).  Paired with skirts and dresses they really bring a slight militaristic look to the ensemble.  They also cover up all the mosquito bites I have around my ankles so that's a plus too. 

I wore this Urban skirt a few weeks ago here in a more girly look, but today I was feeling a bit more tough.  This top, with its metal shoulder detailing, really gives it an extra (rough?) edge to any outfit.  I love all the light girly colors and patterns of the season, but sometimes I just like my darker colors.  Happy weekend!