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blue bows.

top//LC Lauren Conrad(hereskirt//Urban Outfitters(old) necklace//vintage shoes//Seychelles(old)

I love clothes. I love shopping. I love prints. BUT I find that whenever I go shopping I rarely buy tops with prints and then have weekly mini-meltdowns because I am frustrated with my top selection in my closet.  It is a never ending cycle that I hate but I just keep repeating it. Oh the frustration!  When I discovered this blouse at Kohls I loved it but didn’t think I would wear it enough, but I bought it anyways.  I am so glad I took the dive because the flowy top really is unique, feminine, and stands out with the bow detailing down the sleeves.  Pairing it with the more structured skirt seemed like the perfect contrast which ended up with an ideal outfit for a date night.
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Can I Have...Nicole Miller Printed Shorts

Can I Have...Nicole Miller Printed Shorts

I am honestly not a big fan of shorts.  Most people don't wear them right and I honestly dislike the leg bulges that occur when you sit down in them (seriously, it grosses me out), but when I stumbled onto these beauties online they made me believe in love at first sight and shorts.  
Seriously, these eye-catching prints are insane and with the slight higher-rise waist, ugh, what's not to love?!  Now just to narrow down which print I like the most... which one is most eye catching to you?

          - andréa

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dress down.

blazer//urban outfitters (old) tank//banana republic (old) belt//gap(old) skirt//banana republic outlet shoes//zigi soho via dsw watch//michael kors sunglasses//karen walker

Stripes and spots again! I may have an addiction…but this is a casual but summery and office appropriate look.  Luckily, I work and intern at very casual places (like wearing jeans every day is totally acceptable) but sometimes I feel like dressing up but don’t want to be “too much” for both relaxed office atmospheres.  I have found this outfit to be the perfect median of dressy and casual.  And did I mention comfortable?  Well it is.  And the shoes just throw in an edgy touch that I think the look needed.

And this is one of my dogs, Baby Roxy.  She is the sweetest.  She wanted to take some pictures too.

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stripes and dots and metallic, OH MY!

top//j.crew(similar) denim//harajuku mini for target(similar) shoes//zara(current)

Confession : 1. I love to not match.  I feel the more I don’t match the more I match…I don’t think that even make sense but in my illogical brain it totally does.  2. I’m addicted to button-downs.  I am addicted to stripes.  So a cool vertical striped button-down is pure heaven to me. 

Mixing different patterns together can really bring to life what would seem like normally safe/boring pieces, though how could these jeans ever be boring?!  The vertical striped button-down was just a different take on a classic shirt, which I loved, and had me intching to pair with the polka-dotted jeans.
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on the run.

This is what I feel like. 

I began my summer internship on Monday and did not fully register how much time I would spend commuting each day.  By the time I get home it is a little after 8 pm and I’m exhausted.  I love my internship and all the things I know I am going to learn but geesh I am tired!  Obviously I also did not take into all of this into account when I decided to officially begin this little blog o’ mine, how much time I would have to spend on it each day.  Whoops!  So hopefully, as I get into a rhythm of things, it will be easier for me to stay on top of it all.  

-           andréa
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summer 2012 shoes

Summer is around the corner (though I question its closeness with this crazy weather) and we are all in need of some hot summer footwear.  I have a crazy amount of shoes, but when it comes to easy-breezy summer kicks, I feel that I am slacking in that department.  Here are 4 options that I have been eyeing that I know would add some spice to any summer wardrobe.  Hopefully these shoes can give you some inspiration in adding some pop to your summer footwear collection!

1.  Kate Spade pointy toe flat $225 :  A capped neon pointy toe flat.  What else could you add to make that combo more perfect for summer?! Oh wait! Cork! Seriously these shoes have me drooling.
2.  Zara High Heel White Sandals $90 :  I’m still in debate over if I am a true believer in the white shoe myself, but I do love this Zara pair.  A stacked heel and the T-strap have me contemplating taking a dive into this new trend.
3.  Zara Shoes $50 : I bought these and never want to take them off.  They are beyond perfect for summer with the ideal combination of sophistication and sass that I have made these my go-to heels for summer that I may need to buy another pair...
4.  Sam Edelman Strappy Sandal $92 : A shoe designer I am a sucker for is Sam Edelman, and I literally have not stopped dreaming about these shoes since I first saw them a month or so ago.  The chunky heeled 70’s style vibe they have are so perfect I could scream and the touch of metallic is amazing...
 how do you like the shoes?  would you add them to your summer sandal rotation?

-  andréa

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this is the beginning

So, I have decided to take a leap and put myself out there and start this blog.  Summer is such an exciting lively season and I felt that it was the perfect time to finally dive right into the blogger community.  Being a fashion major in college has only reinforced my clothing obsession and I felt the need to share my thoughts and views on trends and personal style with you.  So, welcome welcome welcome!  I have high hopes and fun things to share with you.

-  andréa