How time flies.
I've shocked myself with how long it has been since I have shared anything with anyone on here or on any other social media platform.

After all these years, I still struggle with how much to share about myself.
I've always said I will never be the best blogger because I am more of a private person and know to be at the top of this game you need to share it all.

I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to do so.
When I go through difficult periods in my life, which I totally correspond with my absences from my blog/social media platforms, I tend to stay away from all ways to superficially share my life.
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I try to be as authentic as possible so when I feel moved by our political climate, experience loss, going through some type of significant life events, it feels unauthentic to share with you on where to buy a pair of shoes or convince you to go to this amazing brunch spot.

I understand reading blogs and getting inspiration is a way so many of us get away from all the hard things we face on a daily basis, I just have not found the need or want to share when I'm in those places personally.

Being unconnected from the often superficial world of blogging and social media is always healing for me.  This time around so much has been happened, good and bad.  I haven't checked my Facebook or Instagram in over 3 months and to me, that is freeing.  
I love blogging.
I love sharing my experiences.
I love finding inspiration in so many places and meeting amazing people through this medium.
But sometimes, you need a mental health break and mine was healing.
With that, I am back and ready go.
While I share some backlogged travel items and outfits here is a slight highlight reel of what I've been up to these last three months:

After being with my previous company for over 4 years, I stumbled into a great opportunity I couldn't pass up.  I'm loving it so far but I probably won't share too much more.

I am officially a DC blogger.  This came after I was "homeless" for about a month due to a last minute situation that arose.  Thankfully, I had a great friend swoop in who let me crash and helped me find a great place.  With that, I finally made the district home in a cute one-bedroom at the beginning of the year that's in a great location and close to my new job.

Did I just get dining room chairs? Yes.
Is my old rug that is way too big for my space still rolled up in the corner of my apartment? Yes.
Are the walls in my bedroom still bare? Yes.
Despite all these things, I'm slowly making this apartment a home and can't wait to share how things come together.

Thanks for sticking around through my hiatus and I can't wait to share all updates with you soon.