It's really crazy to think we have a little over a month left in the year.  2017 has really flown by and I am not sure how I feel about it.  
On one hand, 2017 has been a slight struggle for a few reasons.  Reasons that have put this little site, on the back burner.  As the year is coming to a close I have decided to hit "reset" and try to end the year on a better note.  I felt for most of the year that sharing what I was doing or wearing was really not the best use of my time and I didn't really feel like sharing much.
sweater: h&m (under $20) | denimlevi's (under $100) 
  muleslouise et cie (on sale! under $70)

As I am easing back into the steady swing of things, I am sharing what I have been wearing non-stop since I scooped it.  I have cultivated quite the sweater collection and when I saw this over-sized sweater strolling through the recently remodeled H&M in Tyson's Corner I knew I had to have it. 
While I have been unable to find this particular sweater on the website despite trying for a few weeks, in your local H&M.
This sweater also comes in nude and black if you opt for another shade.
sweater: h&m (under $20) | denim: levi's (under $100) 
  mules: louise et cie (on sale! under $70)

I also have been sliding into my comfy mules since they are perfect office shoes while I sit at my desk all day.  Luckily, they are on sale right now for under $70 here.  They come in two other colors outside of my pale pink color.  I promise they are as comfy as they are cute.

So here is to finishing the year strong with great content coming your way.

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