Yet another little break has happened in my corner of the internet.
I have been pretty off the grid recently for a much-needed life detox.
Unplugging and unsharing my life with the world is something that I feel that I have to do to feel sane.  
swimsuitsolid & striped "the brigitte"(bottom - small .|. top - large) | 
hatsole society | sunglassesrayban

Unplugging and being completely relaxed brings me back to Thailand.  
This is the first swimsuit post I am sharing with you all.
I've been in love with high waisted styles of clothing(helloooo my obsession with Current/Elliot stiletto jeans) but had been struggling to find a swimsuit to fill that void. 
Enter this Solid & Striped "Brigitte" suit on sale via NastyGal. 
It was over 50% off so obviously I took this as a sign that it needed to be mine.  
The bottoms fit better than I had anticipated, but the top not so much.
I am slightly bustier (34D) with a smaller rib cage, finding bathing suit tops is THE WORST.  
So the cups of the "Brigitte" fit perfectly, however, the band was beyond loose.  
With no option to return the top, the negatives of final sale items, I decided to fix the issue and take it to a tailor.
I am so glad I did and now have solved all of my ill fitting bathing suit issues.
swimsuit: solid & striped "the brigitte"(bottom - small | top - large)
hat: sole society | sunglasses: rayban

These photos were taken in the main infinity pool on our first day in Phuket.  
We drank too much and forgot to reapply sunscreen so these are the only photos I was able to take without looking like a total lobster.

So more to come of Phuket!  
Our resort, another GoPro video, more swimsuits, and a few outfits I was able to take pictures of before my hair ballooned from the humidity.

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