My affinity for lip color has grown over the years.
It is so easy to throw on any outfit, casual or not, and add a pop of lip color to really complete your whole look.
In the winter, I normally stick with darker red tones but with Spring and Summer coming, I am so excited to expand my lip game.

I was beyond excited when Maybelline reached out for me to try out their some of their great lipsticks and liners from their Color Sensational line.

Obviously, I jumped at the chance and found the closest stump to take pictures of them all.

The color of lipsticks are perfect for a wide array of preferences.
Matte, bold, classic - the whole array of finishes are available along with any single color you can think of.

The more nude/light pinks (015 “Born With It” & 235 “Warm Me Up”) I’ve been wearing for more casual events.  
I sported “Born With It” for a more subdued lip color for a friends bridal shower a few weeks ago.
While in Thailand, I opted for the darker red color, 691 “Rich Ruby”, for a bold lip that hopefully made my sunburn less noticeable.  
Rich Ruby has a matte finish but it still popped and didn't make my lips look dry.
It lasted through a few drinks and lots of noodle plates at dinner which was perfect.

The other color I am excited to try is the 840 “Midnight Blue” .
I think it would be a perfect bold color for fall. This color will make an outfit.

As I mentioned above, I love the selection of lipsticks I got to play around with but what I was really excited about were the lip liners.
I know some people have the ability to apply lipstick well without a lip liner, but I am not one of those people.  
I have a few select colors but it is normally a beauty essential I forget to snag.
The selection of Maybelline liners makes it so I will not have that problem again!

Like the lipsticks, the lip liners really fit the whole spectrum of personal preferences.
With the lighter colors, depending how blended you like your liner to look, you have minuscule hue adjustments to really find you personal favorite lip and liner combo.
Lip liner is essential to:
  • To get that perfect cupid bow definition.  I know when I apply my lipstick in a hurry I completely mess mine up and it really throws off a look.
  • I lightly fill in my lip to help with my lipstick to last longer.  I don’t know if this 100% work but I think it makes it longer lasting.

Be on the lookout for upcoming posts with all my new Maybelline colors!
Wearing 235 "Warm Me Up"

"This post is sponsored by Maybelline. All opinions expressed are my own."