When I feel that I need a recharge I tend to head back home to rural North West Virginia.
It's not too long of a drive from Northern drive and it is a completely different world.

Large yards. Space between houses. 3 stop lights. Smiling strangers. A slower pace. The river.
Dogs. A lot of dogs.

These things all help me relax from the hustle and bustle of my city/suburban life outside of DC when I really need to escape.

This past weekend, I was able to take a less than 24 hour getaway to really unplug and unwind. 
I enjoyed the beautiful weather outside on a patio where I couldn't see inside my neighbors house.
I played with all the dogs I hadn't seen in awhile, and I sipped wine and enjoyed some grilled dinner.
teej.crew | glasseswarby parker

With the feeling of being relaxed comes the relaxed outfit.
This outfit, to me, is basically the perfect lounge and relax outfit that is a step-up from leggings.

The oversized cardigan is always a comfy go-to outfit staple.
Surprisingly, these cropped straight leg jeans are a newer comfortable addition to my closet.
Denim has been having a moment and really changing things up.

While classic denim is just that, classic, there are so many fun new denim choices and trends recently.
With trying a new trend I obviously went looking at my favorite denim brand, Current Elliott, for a fun selection of options.

These jeans are a little different than the style I normally go for.
The cropped loose hem is big change but to my surprise they are slowly becoming a favorite.
I am loving the more loose feel that these cropped straight leg jeans give.
Since, they are Current Elliott the fabric is true denim which I believe adds to their comfort level. 
It is nice to have a more free feeling style of pant option versus my normal straight skinny preferences.
tee: j.crew | glasses: warby parker

While I am drawn toward their comfort, I am still uncertain about their length.
I may opt to hem them a little big so they don’t feel as overwhelming for my frame.

I am still playing around with different styling options so I am sure you will see more of these jeans on this blog in the future.
Have you tried any new denim trends recently?
Which ones are you loving?

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