For those who may not know,
I am so excited to be heading to exotic Thailand in less than 9 short weeks!
(Bangkok - source)
Not only am I excited to experience the amazing culture and sites throughout the country with some amazing women (8 of us!), I cannot wait to share with YOU how to travel there ON A BUDGET.  

I will also share how to plan your own group Thailand experience without using an agency!
I’ll be breaking down how I found cheap flights, booked our stays in each city, how we traveled within the country, and everything we saw and did.  
When I saw “we” I mean the group of 8 I am heading overseas with and how we did it WITHOUT a travel agency!  
In short, Budget Group travel Thailand tips are coming your way!
(Phuket - source)
Additionally, I am excited to try to create some travel videos about my adventures.

SO if you have been to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, or Phuket/Krabi – let me know what you would recommend to do, see, and eat!
Also, if you have any travel planning questions let me know as well (but those will be coming to the blog soon)
(Chiang Mai - source)