It is really hard to believe that Memorial Day weekend is finally here.
The weather has made it seem that any season but summer is upon us but here we are and finally the sun is shining here in the DC area.

Laying by the pool is not at the top of my to-do list this weekend but being outside and enjoying this long weekend is.
After chatting with my roommates about potential plans for this holiday, we thought it would be fun to throw a last minute get together in our little backyard so we can enjoy the finally nice weather but also hang out with friends.

That is where Paperless Post comes in.
With Paperless Post you can create custom or premade online party invitations, wedding invitations, announcements and e-cards to fit your needs.
Some customization features are free while others cost coins but there is really something for any budget or style.
AND to top it off, if you want a physical copy of your creation, you are able to do so directly through the site.

How to create last minute invitations with Paperless Post  A.Viza Style

As I have gotten older, I like things to feel a little bit more put together (though they normally are not) and that includes invitations to a small get together, dinner or party.
This isn't my first time using Paperless Post either - I created a surprise birthday party invitations for my sister a few years ago.

For this weekend, I went with a premade template that all I had to do was make a few changes to and it would be ready to send out.
Honestly, it is so easy to create something so pretty and put together within minutes.

I found a few drink and food ideas to assist inspire me, and hopefully you, for a filling Memorial Day weekend.

Make sure to follow me on Snapchat (@avizacard) to see how it turns out.
Enjoy the weekend!