Trench coats are such a classic closet staple and have been everywhere this Spring. 
I have been kind of obsessed with the idea of updating my trench this season and adding to my growing outerwear collection. 
My trench coat is about 5 years old, a little worn, and the belt disappeared ages ago. 
Since the perfect trench is way out of most of my budget (*cough* Burberry *cough*) I have been eyeing some more affordable yet chic options. 
The ones that have really been capturing my attention are the ones from LOFT (on sale) & Ann Taylor (on sale). 
One is the classic structured jacket and color while the other is a little more unique with a more loose fit and pale blue color
I have been trying to keep a strict budget recently but I may have to break my shopping freeze to snag one of these beauties. 
 I guess only future blogposts will tell :)