At the end of June I recieved my FIRST Birchbox.  
I know I know, I am late to the Birchbox party, but I found some gems in my first box that I really love and I am excited to share with you all.
Keep reading to see my review!


As I am climbing up the 20's ladder, I have become more and more obsessed with beauty products, especially anything eye related.  When I first opened my box, I immediately washed my ace and put this concoction on.  After a few minutes I felt my eyes and couldn't believe how soft they felt! 
This stuff is amazing and I have been using it religiously for the last month.
Get this stuff people!

This sunscreen feels like a light whipped mouse with a slight tint.
The airy feel of the sunscreen makes it undetectable on your skin. 
I can't speak to how well it works as your main form of sunscreen since I wear an SPF moisturizer I didn't feel those affects.  
I would recommend it as a little pop of color versus the normal white SPF for the remainder of your summer days.

This stuff is uh-mazing!
You can feel the tiny scrubbers when you pour it into your palm and they really do work wonders.
I felt like I had new skin after I lightly scrubbed my face for about a 3 minutes.
I have never been too big into exfoliating but I have officially been converted into an exfoil-aholic.


I am a solid deep deep black eyeliner kind of girl.
I like crisp solid lines and this liner didn't deliver that. 
In terms of the waterproof aspect, I layered my normal eyeliner on top (for that dark look I can't leave the house without), so I cannot say that it has great lasting properties.
So for all of you ladies that like a softer chalkier look to your eyeliner this is for you.

While I don't hate this product, it is not my absolute favorite.
The cream is a hard solid in the container so it is a bit hard to get out.
The amount that you can get out goes on smooth and moisturizes the skin though I don't think I would put it on my face.

Thanks to Birchbox for sponsoring this post.