Last week I had the pleasure of heading over to the Bloomingdales at Tyson’s Corner mall to get a peek at some new Clarins products.  Not being well versed in beauty products, I jumped at the chance to learn some new tricks & products.
They have some great products for Spring/Summer but a few were my favorite and I have been using daily rotation since receiving them.

While I loved all of the products and I know I will use them (especially the Sun Care Oil Spray for Body & Hair) I wanted to share with you the ones that I already can't live without.

Double Serum: this is an anti-aging product that is supposed to transform the appearance of your skin. I can only say after a week of use, my skin feels awesome and I can start to see a change. I can't wait to hit the 4 week mark!

Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster:  This product had me at hello.  I am a person who should always be tan since I have lighter olive skin and when I’m pale I look funny, but I don’t tan nor do I spray tan.  With the Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster you can customize your tan!  Add as many drops (they recommend 3) to any moisturizer, mix together in palms, and apply to your face.  BOOM!  I have been using the suggested amount for a few days on and off and have to say I see a difference.  It has given me the perfect glow post winter.

Multi-Active Day Cream:  I have been a fan of my jared collagen L’Oreal moisturizer because it is think and I love how moisturizing it is, but have begun to realize it is too thick and heavy for day wear.  Insert the Multi-Active Day cream.  Thick & hydrating but not over the top.  I love it.

Multi-blush Cream Blush:  The multi-blush I received in grenadine, which I thought would be a bit too bright for me but ended up being  so perfect on.  With a little blending the color looks so natural.  And what’s so cool about it is that the blush feels like cream but applies like powder.  

Thanks Clarins for the great night and all the awesome products & Mrs. Palmer for being the best hand model! All opinions are my own.

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