blazer, shirt, boots| jcrew necklace| baublebar jeans|rich&skinny

When my sister and I rendezvoused at our parents house for Thanksgiving, I made sure she brought a few of my favorite pieces from her closet.  I am not the biggest fan of a lot of things she has hanging in her closet, but the few things I do like, I am obsessed with.
Example: the boots & the shirt. 
I love the jeweled standing collar on the top and the boots are so classic they go with absolutely everything.
Little does she know these items will be temporarily mine again at Christmas...
**check back tomorrow for a fun giveaway!**

shop the look below:
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  1. What a great elegant look, lobe the fancy necklace match with this shirt <3

    1. Thank so much, the more bling the better sometimes lol

  2. Love the equestrian style of this look and the collar on that blouse is exquisite!

    1. Thank you :) I thought the "be-jeweled" collar + necklace was a more over the top alternative than the classic pearls


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