top| jcrew(sale + extra 30% off) skirt & belt|gap(old) heels| via spiga(old similarpurse|marc by marc(similar & on sale)

Holy cow it is almost July!  I seriously can't believe it.  This year has flown by and it still hasn't hit me that is really summer because I can still wear long sleeved shirts like this outside.  

And if you didn't know on July 1 Google Reader is going away! Sad I know, but it is a great time to switch over to Bloglovin (the little + sign at the top right of the page!) They can automatically transfer over your Google Reader so you can keep track of all your lovely daily  blog reads.  You can also find me on Google+.  Whichever you prefer. So make sure you make the switch before it's too late!

And have a happy last weekend of June :)

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