Every year this day almost sneaks up on me. 

To most, April 16th is not a very important day, but for anyone that belongs to the Hokie nation, it is a day forever burned in your mind. 

It really is crazy to think that it was  at almost this exact time 6 years ago today that I woke up in my dorm room, preparing for any other day, when the unthinkable began happening right outside my window.  

Hearing my whole life about different shootings and other terrible things happening around the world, I felt sad and empathy for those affected, but then it was out of sight and then out of mind.  Life went on.  

But when these types of horrific events happen right next to you and you are directly affected by them, it is a bit harder to just move on.  That event is with you forever.  And ever since my experience, my compassion for anyone affected by these numerous terrible events is indescribable.  My heart breaks all over again and I feel the same loss and hurt and anger I felt so many years ago.  That event is with me forever and every single one after April 16th, 2007 is with me too.

Ever since that day my whole perspective on life has changed.  I try to never take things for granted and to be very thankful for everything and everyone around me, because it all is so precious.  And while I love clothes and fashion I do know that end of the day, there are some things far more important.

My thoughts and prayers are with Boston and I will neVer forgeT

Click here to read a really great reflective blurb about the bombings in Boston and here to hear the great Nikki Giovanni give the amazing and moving "We Are Virginia Tech" convocation speech.