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As I stated in my Frugal Friday post here, a denim vest was a must have for spring.  Because I didn't have one yet I had to go buy one just to prove to you all that I really like the stuff I suggest.  I snagged this one at American Eagle (all sold out online).  I love the slight fading of the denim and how the vest angles in the front.  It really adds such a great casual touch.  I will try not to post too many outfits in it, but I am not promising anything.

Also, lets talk about this awesome hat.  I came across it at the Off Saks I work near and had to buy it once I tried it on.  The hat was originally $150 but I snagged it for $18 #winning.  Though I don't know if I will get many more wears out of it this spring, I know this will be my go to hat in chillier weather.


  1. Gorgeous pics and I love that floppy hat! I wish I could pull off headwear but anything beyond a beanie feels ambitious to me haha



  2. You look adorable in that hat!

  3. Wow! absolutely love you style! Could you have a look at my blog and leave a few comments?? I'm dying for other bloggers to say what they think of my blog! thanks! xxx

  4. I loveee the hat!


  5. How did you tie your maxi skirt like that ? Its soo cute !(:

    1. The maxi has slits on both sides, so I just tied one side up in a loose knot!

  6. Another gorgeous outfit. Seriously in love with those shoes.


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