bright august.

top//j.crew  jeans//hudson(old but similar here) heels//zara necklace//h&m watch//marc by marc jacobs (here

It's August! I can't believe it.  The summer has raced by so fast, and I know August will not be an exception to that.  My schedule has been insanely busy but I have enjoyed almost every minute of it.  With August here, and most of my spare time at night spent watching the Olympics (have you been watching?!) I feel that for the last week, I have been less productive as I have been/want to be. 

With a new month comes new focus and a new drive to accomplish everything I want to accomplish this month.   I will be squeezing in a trip to NYC (this weekend!!), a road trip to visit my best friend, and a little baseball game and concert combo.  Being on the go makes it hard to squeeze in outfit pictures and blogging, but I am trying my hardest.  I also, hope to check off a lot of my summer bucket list in the nick of time!  While I’m enjoying the last few busy weeks of summer I hope you are too, and be sure to follow me on instagram, @vadarling, to see all the cool things I will be up to this month!


  1. I know. . .I can't believe it's August already! I feel like summer just started! You look so fabulous in that bright pink! It's definitely your colour!

    xo Jenny

  2. how adorable! Your top looks fantastic. Enjoy August, it's going to go faster than July! Have a fun month, I look forward to updates!

    Understated Classics