dress//unknown(old) via 310 rosemont shoes//zigi soho via dsw

There is nothing that I enjoy more nowadays than having a “no plan” weekend and being able to hang out with my puppies.  Though I am spending the night in The City (DC) tonight, Saturday and Sunday are going to be fully devoted to lounging around, enjoying the summer breeze, and running around with my dogs.  I can't wait!

Having a few perfect summer dresses that are super easy to throw on and your set are essential to an easy-breezy summer style, and that is why if I decide for a simple dress, I try to throw on a shoe that is a little unexpected.  It’s an easy way to stand-out in a sea of similar styles and patterns.  Any exciting weekend plans, since the heat has died down a bit?  Happy Friday!


  1. Simple but cute. :) Sometimes, you just need to go easy & chill, & it turns out great. Love the lacy dress.

  2. Nice style and blog!

  3. so sweeeeet!
    great blog!

    1. thank you! I checked yours out and really liked it also :)

  4. What a fantastic dress! And those shoes are amazing. Weekends that consist of nothing are the BEST.