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After posting all these amazing maxi dresses to go wine tasting in, I decided that when I went wine tasting on Saturday I HAD to be wearing one.  I’m a bad influence on myself, I swear.  Luckily, I found an amazing dress at Target just in the nick of time for my little Saturday date picnicking and vineyard hopping. 

Being barely 5’4”, maxi dresses have always seemed a far off dream only tall giants could wear amazingly.  But this hi-lo version, didn’t overwhelm my frame and the fabric was so breezy that I knew it would be perfect to stroll around the vineyards.  Though heels would have given me the perfect height to ensure the dress didn’t drag, these metallic Zara flats did the trick for comfy casual footwear.  I had a wonderful weekend outside drinking lovely wine, enjoying the scenery, and of course my charming boyfriend.  If you want to see more pictures of my little day at the vineyard follow me on instagram here.  Hope your weekend was amazing and hope your week gets off to a great start!


  1. Really love that dress on you! The color and print are great! I'm only 5'2", but curvy, so I have a hard time finding a maxi dress that doesn't make me look huge. I'm still looking though.

    <3 Jenny

    1. I feel your pain, it's so tough finding a good maxi that is flattering, comfortable, and cute. I hope you stumble on one that you like soon and would love to see it on your blog!

  2. That is an amazing wine tasting dress :) Beautiful colors, looks great on you! And I LOVE wine tasting!

    Seize the Styles

  3. I Love the maxi and the fun beautiful prints. I think looks perfect on you and it's not too long at all, plus you're 5'4" so you have extra height and the Zara heels does help as well...and the backdrop of the winery is simply stunning! xo


    1. Thanks so much! The winery’s around where I live even take my breath away sometimes with the picturesque scenery.

  4. Lovely outfit post! Summery, pretty and unique. You have a great style eye!

    ~ Heather ~


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