To say I am picky with shoes would be an understatement especially when it comes to my flat sole-mates out there.  With sandals I do the biggest fashion no-no, stick to the same old boring predictable things! Ahh I am ashamed to admit it but it is so true! 

I have been consciously trying to evolve from this boring flat rut I have gotten myself stuck in, so when I am scouring the stores and websites for deals I have been refraining from purchasing any high heel loves until I have discovered a few top-notch sandals to help fill my less than stellar flat collection.  Zara has helped me accomplish this with two pairs so far(as seen here and here) but I feel myself just relying on these two for everything! Oh how old habits die hard… so here are a few options I have been eyeing, discovered, and hoping they will appear in my closet very very soon...
flat sandals

From top left to bottom right : 1//2//3//4//5