3 Unique Wedding Locations in Las Vegas

Wedding season is here!

For many, it will be a solemn celebration that will be held together with friends and family, while to some, it will be one, unique ride with a few twists and quirks to the traditional wedding ceremony. Las Vegas is one of the most popular places to try out new things, and this includes weddings.
If you're thinking about getting married in a location with an unusual setting,
and think that churches and event halls are not your thing, here are a few places that you might want to check out in Las Vegas: 

Walk the aisles of a ship at Treasure Island Feel like walking down the plank, I mean aisle on a ship? 
Tie the knot like a true seafarer at the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino.
It’s said that marriages blessed by the sea are "unsinkable," which is probably why Treasure Island decided to capitalize on their establishment's theme instead of building a small chapel within the hotel. 
The ship used in today's wedding ceremonies used to be the backdrop of a musical pirate show.
 credit: featherpixels.com 
 credit: wedding-spot.com 

At The Mob Museum Are you a fan of mob movies? Enter the courthouse where Vegas gangsters used to be prosecuted several days ago. Perhaps the Mob Museum thinks that marriage is just like a jail sentence to some, which is why they've decided to offer their services to couples who'll find humor in getting married in such a place. A jail-themed wedding doesn't seem like a bad idea! 

Check out some of the photos below: 
 credit: shopify.com 

At the Grand Canyon Do you love the outdoors? There's a service that allows couples to be taken by a helicopter from the iconic strip to the Grand Canyon for a wedding ceremony
Couples can exchange vows at the peak of Tower Butte, which is a 5,000 feet tall rock formation that can only be reached by air. 
 credit: grandcanyonbandb.com  

 Las Vegas seems to be leaning towards the quirky and unique, all in the name of entertainment and to draw in tourists who are curious enough to check things out for the first time. 
Competition is cutthroat in the industry and with online gaming providers getting stronger and stronger, and seemingly unafraid to to experiment with quirky casino products and services. 
For example, slot machines designs used to focus on simple components like cherries, bars, and 7s, today however, these machines have transformed into machines with groundbreaking animations that are now the focal points of online and physical casinos.

Slots even have games for those who are into cute fluffy animals, allowing graphics-driven customer to appreciate the game, showing that whatever the nice, slot designers are considering all sorts of demographics.

To stay competitive, Las Vegas has decided to expand its overall entertainment options available for tourists. 
Recently, the aforementioned ‘wedding destinations’ have added to the allure of this unique city, and it has given people different options to get married in than the highly publicized Elvis Wedding Chapel. 
 Would you consider getting married in any of these locations? 
Or have you seen somewhere even quirkier than the above mentioned?

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