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mellow yellow.

top//old navy shorts//madewell (old but similar here) heels//sam edelman

Happy Friday!  With a jam packed weekend of running around and being a busy little bee, I am going to be dressing super casually.  Sundresses, shorts, tanks and sandals will be consuming my wardrobe hopping around the DMV (literally I will be bouncing around to all 3 places) this weekend.  No time to slow down!  

Being on the go so much makes it just so easy to throw on my favorite jean shorts, a fun bright top, and some heeled sandals to spruce up the look a bit.  Sorry, but you WILL be seeing these shoes way too much over the next week or two until my obsession with wearing them everyday subsides.  I will have loads of pictures to share from this weekend’s adventures, so if you don’t want to wait for my Monday recap, you can always follow along on Instagram (vadarling).  Have a great weekend J

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chambray//american eagle skirt & necklace//h&m shoes//sam edelman watch//michael kors

I've been in such a casual mood lately.  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE dressing up and wearing crazy things, but my default style is totally a button down, any type of bottom, and a cute pair of heels or sandals.  I mean, you can't go wrong with that combination! 

Tonight I am meeting up with some friends who are in town for the weekend and this is the perfect outfit for the casual bar scene.  PLUS, I get to show off my new Sam Edelman heels (remember me mentioning them here?) that I've been lusting over!  Old friends.  New shoes. It should be a good night.
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fits in.

blazer & pants//h&m tank//old navy(old) shoes//steve madden thick gold cuff// h&m gold link bracelet// derng necklace//bella lola boutique

So this look may feel out of place with the season, but I feel that it fits right in.  With the weather being crazy everyday, you never know what you will get.  Yesterday was BEAUTIFUL!  Warm in the sun, cool in the shade, and chilly in the morning.  I thought it was still spring!  In the spring,  I always throw on a pair of slacks and a blazer for almost anything and run out the door, so that is why I threw this on.

It was brisk at 6 am and made me miss the mild weather in the area that we have occasionally.  The zebra print makes the ensemble a bit more lively and then the pop with the shoe and voila, there you have it!  Hope you're enjoying this mild weather before the crazy weather sets in...again.  Happy Wednesday :)
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last friday night.

tank & skirt//h&m (similar here and here) shoes//zara bracelets//derng, h&m, bella lola, fossil

This was my little ensemble for my outing on Friday night.  Miraculously, the Arlington area was somehow spared from the insane storm that seemed to be hitting everyone in the area, so our plans remained intact. 

Walking around in this skirt made me feel so girly.  The skirt just flows so beautifully when you walk, and the little pop of neon pink at the bottom hem, really makes it interesting.  Obviously, it would be so easy to dress this skirt up, and knowing our plans for the night were going to be more casual, i stuck with a plain tank and my simple Zara sandals to give a casual vibe.

All in all it was a good weekend with lots of puppy cuddling,  family time, and even brunch on Saturday!  Be sure to stop by and check out the June Style Challenge on the CapFABB website Wednesday to see their top neon style picks for the month!

Hope your weekend was wonderful as well and happy Monday :)

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neutral sunrise.

tee//saks (a cool one here) skirt//h&m (expensive version here ) boots//shoemint (cute heeled version here) watch//michael kors

I used to never be a morning person, but this summer has given me a pretty hectic schedule that really only leave me with mornings to myself.  It has taken me a little bit to get used to but 5:30 am wake up calls have really made me such a more productive person, and when the sun pokes through the trees in my backyard...I am pretty much obsessed with the view.  I can't get enough!  

I typically run late on Monday's and just threw this on.  I really just see myself wearing these booties everyday through the winter.  Instead of black or brown shoes, throw some cheetah print kicks on instead and it really just adds to any outfit.
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dress//unknown(old) via 310 rosemont shoes//zigi soho via dsw

There is nothing that I enjoy more nowadays than having a “no plan” weekend and being able to hang out with my puppies.  Though I am spending the night in The City (DC) tonight, Saturday and Sunday are going to be fully devoted to lounging around, enjoying the summer breeze, and running around with my dogs.  I can't wait!

Having a few perfect summer dresses that are super easy to throw on and your set are essential to an easy-breezy summer style, and that is why if I decide for a simple dress, I try to throw on a shoe that is a little unexpected.  It’s an easy way to stand-out in a sea of similar styles and patterns.  Any exciting weekend plans, since the heat has died down a bit?  Happy Friday!
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top//saks jacket//abercrombie kids(very very old) skirt//nordstrom rack shoes//sam edelman ria necklace//bella lola boutique watch//michael kors
teen vogue

East Coast heat wave!  While most are peeling off the layers, I have the urge to wear more clothes.  Maybe it's becasue the mosquitos love to bite my legs or maybe it's becasue I always find my layering stride when it is pretty impractical.  Who knows, but anywho…

I love the idea of wearing sequins during the day and not for overly special events.  It adds pop and a different fun factor to an ensemble.  A jean jacket is a super easy way to achieve the casual look :)
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blouse//forever 21 skirt&virginia bracelet//urban outfitters shoes//via spiga bracelets&necklace//h&m, derng

Happy Wednesday!  I am so glad that it is the middle of the week, though here in Virginia, a heat wave is-a-starting!  High temps + crazy humidity = I don't know how I've done it all my life!  I will take the sun with a little bit of heat any day though :)  

This blouse is super breezy with the sheer fabric and the skirt, though a bit on the short side, it is definitely made to keep you cool in hot temperatures.  So, stay cool and take in the summer weather while we have it, it is almost the end of June already!
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grecian pink.

 dress// belt//gap heels//seychelles

I purchased this dress for graduation last year and love to wear it as much as possible.  The flow from the fabric of the dress is ultra feminine and I can't get enough of it.  It is love.  I try to keep the accessories as simple as possible so all eyes are on the perfection of the dress.

If you want to see some pictures of my Pennsylvania family weekend check me out on instagram, vadarling.  

Hope you all had a darling weekend and are off to a great week :)
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hectic classic.

jeans//hudson(old) shirt//polo ralph lauren slim watch//micahel kors bracelets//winchester sterling & bella lola boutique purse//pour la victoire shoes//zara

So I’m on the run!  This summer I have no solid plans, so I am trying to fill my weekends with spur of the moment trips.  This weekend I am heading to south western Pennsylvania to visit some family.  This is what I threw on to go to work that also works well for a comfortable 3 hour car ride.  I have my iPod charged and car filled with gas, I am ready to go!  Can't wait to share some fun pictures from the weekend with you.

Do you have any fun plans for the weekend?  Hope it’s a great one enjoying whatever adventures you get into :)
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Can I have...flat sandals?!

To say I am picky with shoes would be an understatement especially when it comes to my flat sole-mates out there.  With sandals I do the biggest fashion no-no, stick to the same old boring predictable things! Ahh I am ashamed to admit it but it is so true! 

I have been consciously trying to evolve from this boring flat rut I have gotten myself stuck in, so when I am scouring the stores and websites for deals I have been refraining from purchasing any high heel loves until I have discovered a few top-notch sandals to help fill my less than stellar flat collection.  Zara has helped me accomplish this with two pairs so far(as seen here and here) but I feel myself just relying on these two for everything! Oh how old habits die hard… so here are a few options I have been eyeing, discovered, and hoping they will appear in my closet very very soon...
flat sandals

From top left to bottom right : 1//2//3//4//5
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fancy short.

blouse & bracelet//h&m shorts//old navy shoes//zara necklace//forever 21

I found these shorts on a random visit to Old Navy awhile back.  They were literally $7.  I couldn't believe it!  Like I've said before, I'm not much of a short person, but when I find a  great pair, I fall in love.  These were obviously made to be worn in the winter, but I couldn't wait that long to put them on.  So I threw on my strappy heels and white sheer blouse to give it a summer feel. Happy Wednesday!!
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dress//target shoes//zara bracelets//h&m, derng, bella lola boutique                 

After posting all these amazing maxi dresses to go wine tasting in, I decided that when I went wine tasting on Saturday I HAD to be wearing one.  I’m a bad influence on myself, I swear.  Luckily, I found an amazing dress at Target just in the nick of time for my little Saturday date picnicking and vineyard hopping. 

Being barely 5’4”, maxi dresses have always seemed a far off dream only tall giants could wear amazingly.  But this hi-lo version, didn’t overwhelm my frame and the fabric was so breezy that I knew it would be perfect to stroll around the vineyards.  Though heels would have given me the perfect height to ensure the dress didn’t drag, these metallic Zara flats did the trick for comfy casual footwear.  I had a wonderful weekend outside drinking lovely wine, enjoying the scenery, and of course my charming boyfriend.  If you want to see more pictures of my little day at the vineyard follow me on instagram here.  Hope your weekend was amazing and hope your week gets off to a great start!
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let's go... wine tasting!

87 degrees and sunny – that is the forecast for tomorrow and I am so excited!  Finally a nice day off where I can enjoy the sun shine. The weather has been very hit or miss and this past week was more on the chilly side, so for this beautiful weekend coming up I am going to be visiting a few different vineyards. 

let's go... wine tasting!

From top left to bottom right : Calypso St. Barth//Tibi//Haute Hippie//Anthropologie//Monsoon//Pucci
I have been a slow adopter of the maxi dress trend but have slowly fallen for it more and more.  Here, are a few examples of some amazing maxi's I dream about wearing out to a vineyard to walk around and enjoy the beautiful scenery, company, and of course the wine!  Obviously, I am using these as inspiration for my outfit choice tomorrow.  Hope you have a great weekend and get to do something to enjoy the weather J
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preppy bunny.

top//american eagle skirt//h&m shoes//zara necklace//jcrew shades//karen walker watch//michael kors

I have totally been obsessed with the chambray trend.  It really makes it so easy to give different spins to outfits with a little touch of it!  Here, I paired it with a paperbag-waist skirt that happened to have a fun bunny print.  I love the contrast and the dressy casual-ness of the outfit.  Who knew bunny's could be so preppy? Happy Wednesday!
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insta(ntly) june.




 1//getting ready 2//my clutch was used to carry out mini champagne 3//shoe shot 4//rock climbing 5//lovely Sunday date night dinner 6//caramel hot chocolate. yummy!

yet another jam-packed weekend has come and gone.  can you believe it's June already?! i know i sure can't.  here are just a few pictures of the weekend that just was not long enough.  outfit post to come shortly!